DrunkNescafe New Paths version 0.10c
22.11.2020 81 780 mb

DrunkNescafe New Paths version 0.10c

Overview: We follow the female protagonist and her choice to move away from the Mountain Village to the capital. She at this point has a job as a waitress/bartender at the local bar. Where the male customers not always are the nicest.

# Added
- Stats Screen by pressing S or through the ESC Menu
- New message for Suzie’s Dad
- Message indicators for many NPCs and objects
- Bus Driver NPC
- Bus Visual
- Elena’s Home
- Beginning of Elena’s Story
- New visual for Elena
- New icon for completed in-quest objectives
- New item for Elena’s quest

# Improvements
- New Message sound effect
- Many renders had transparent backgrounds replaced by actual environments
- More main objectives have the yellow indicator instead of the white one

# Fixed
- Thought indicator on the school restroom
- Elena is a brunette, now, in all of her variations
- Borya won’t appear duplicated after certain “events” anymore
- More cutscenes will have the Action Indicators hidden this time
- Correct image layering while Suzie watches “someone” “having a good time”

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