ICCreations F.I.L.F. version 11c
22.11.2020 46 1640 mb

ICCreations F.I.L.F. version 11c

You the main character come home from a long time away. greeted by your mom and sister you come to find out your aunt and cousin have also moved into town!
F.I.L.F. V0.11c is now ready for it's full release!

Fixes from V0.11b:

Fixed an error that caused one of Aubrey's images from displaying when asking her about the recipe while she's in the backyard.
Fixed a mistake that caused you to get a handjob from Samantha BEFORE getting rid of Keith.
Fixed a bug that caused the image "stories told" to stay displayed on your screen until you revisit Sam at the pool.
Beta Fixes from V0.11a:

Fixed a bug that caused the screen to be unclickable when finishing certain Diane repeatable jobs.
Fixed an error that was caused when hitting "back" on a specific new Aubrey idle.
Some aubrey images now display correctly.
Fixed an error that would occur when asking for Aubrey to give you a recipe for Melissa.
Spelling/Grammar fixes
Update Notes:

Aubrey/Diane's questline has been updated. Continue it by revisiting Diane at City Hall.
Expanded on Sam's sunbathing options. Check out the new additions (Hint: Do the "Adult Chicken Fight" twice!).
~ 200 New/Unique images featuring Aubrey/Samantha/Diane/Delia.
~ 13 New animations with many having different variants.
Revamp of Aubrey's idles. She now resides in the backyard/kitchen on certain times of the afternoons.
Diane/Bill now answer the door when they are home. Though that is currently not important to the story.
Aubrey now visits ALL evenings when she's NOT at the strip club.
Diane's campaign jobs can now be repeatable if you are in need of money (Once you've done all three).
ICCreations F.I.L.F. version 11c

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